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Shield Patterns is the Manchester-based duo of Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox (A-Sun Amissa / The Rustle of the Stars / Glissando). Together they create intensely emotive music full of light and shade that's both melodic and incredibly detailed. It's a sound that is at once accessible and exploratory and ends up as a triumph of dreamily surreal contemporary music.

The duo's critically acclaimed debut LP Contour Lines (2014) and subsequent EP Violet (2015) were both released via Richard's own Gizeh label with work almost complete on a new album, scheduled for release in August 2016.

During Shield Patterns' relatively short life-span they have been remixed by alt-j and Dutch Uncles, invited by post-metal titans Cult of Luna to perform at their Beyond the Redshift festival in London, appeared at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany (the biggest Gothic festival in Europe) alongside touring and playing shows with the likes of; James Holden, Portico, Olöf Arnalds, Woman's Hour, Bernard + Edith and Conquering Animal Sound. March 2015 saw the duo take to the road in support of the Contour Lines album playing in seven different countries along the way.

SUPPORT comes from Atzi Muramatsu and The Reverse Engineer, with Yannick Dangin Leconte providing visual backgrounds.

The Skinny - Albums of the Year #27

The Silent Ballet - Tracks of the Year #7

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45 MAGAZINE (Live Review)

"Borrowing the dense, yet richly stratified compositions from masters of rippling electronic realms like Actress, Forest Swords and even (at times) Joy Orbison and marrying them to the effortlessly avant garde vocals that sounded like Kate Bush calling out to you from the unknown extents of of a whirling vortex, this duo delivered a set that was nothing short of jaw dropping."

THE MUSIC FIX (Live Review)

"Somewhere out there, this unbecoming duo, not content with, you know, casually delivering the album of the year so far, are getting serious about the business of taking it to the masses. Take note, and stay close."


"Sexy, intricate, menacing, haunting, and quite frankly hypnotic – Shield Patterns have arguably released what could be the best electronic album of the year. Even more so, this is possibly one of the best debut albums that has been committed to record in a long, long time"


"Ten songs that carry enough charge to burn a hole in your heart. Contour Lines is immense."

THE 405

"Dark, brooding, heartfelt minimalism"


“Make no mistake; this work still fits within the confines of pop, broadly defined, but when it exceeds those boundaries it does so

Roxy Show Submission

“Make no mistake; this work still fits within the confines of pop, broadly defined, but when it exceeds those boundaries it does so qualitatively rather than quantitatively. You’d be a fool to approach this without a good set of headphones.”


“subtly infectious melodicism and sparse beatscapes”


“wracked with the kind of restive bestiality only found in Hieronymus Bosch triptychs”


"The production is epic, built on immense washes of sound. Claire Brentnall's vocals glide and soar, intimate but assured, and the songs drift, smoke-like."

Contact: shieldpatterns @ gmail.com

Booking UK / Europe / ROW: rich @ sleepsoundagency.com

Booking Ireland: peter @ wordofmouthagency.ie

Print Press / radio: rich @ deathrattlepress.com

Online Press: rich @ deathrattlepress.com

Publishing: paul @ cookingvinyl.com

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